How To

FasterMe is an innovative tool designed to help enhance your productivity on your computer. This guide will walk you through the steps to add FasterMe to your browser and customize its settings to meet your needs. With FasterMe, you can streamline your workflow, switch between tasks quickly, and boost your productivity like never before.

Adding FasterMe to your browser

Go to the FasterMe page on the Chrome Web Store.

FasterMe Chrome store page

Click the “Add to Chrome” button to install the app on your browser and sign up.

click on add to chrome

Once installed, click on the extensions menu and right-click on the FasterMe logo.

Pin Extension

Click on the icon to customize your settings.

click on FasterMe icon

Customize your settings

Shortcut Frequency

Select the frequency of the shortcut pop-up with multiple options:

  • number of tries you want to perform before a shortcut pops up
  • number of tries you want before another shortcut pops up
  • Suggestion duration (Seconds)

  • Limit productivity pop-ups


shortcut frequency

Set your banner size.

banner size

preferred length for the shortcuts you want to see.

shortcut length

Location of the pop-up.

location of the popup

Revert ignored shortcuts.

revert ignored shortcuts

Pop-up settings

Go to settings.

go to settings

Close the pop-up.

close popup

Rate the shortcut helpfulness.

rate the shortcut

Remove shortcut.

don't show again