Simplify Your Workflow: Unleash the Power of Slack’s Keyboard Shortcuts

In the fast-paced world of remote work and digital collaboration, mastering the art of efficiency is paramount. One tool that has become indispensable for teams around the globe is Slack. It’s a versatile platform for communication, file sharing, and project management. To streamline your workflow in Slack, acquaint yourself with its keyboard shortcuts. They facilitate easy navigation, saving time and minimizing mouse clicks. This guide covers Slack keyboard shortcuts, starting with basics and progressing to advanced techniques. Get ready to supercharge your Slack experience and become a productivity pro!


Mastering Slack: Unleash Your Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts


Here’s a table summarizing Slack’s keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac:

Windows Shortcut
Mac Shortcut
Ctrl + K Cmd + K Jump to a conversation
Ctrl + Shift + K Cmd + Shift + K All DMs
Ctrl + Shift + L Cmd + Shift + L All channels
Up Arrow Up Arrow Edit last message
Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z Unsend last message
Alt + Left Arrow Alt + Left Arrow Back in history
Alt + Right Arrow Alt + Right Arrow Forward in history
Esc Esc Dismiss dialogs
Ctrl + Shift + D Cmd + Shift + D Show / hide sidebar
Ctrl + Shift + Y Cmd + Shift + Y Set a status
Shift + F10 Shift + F10 Open context menu
Up / Down Arrow Up / Down Arrow Move focus through messages
Ctrl + F6 Cmd + F6 Move focus to the next section
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Cmd + Shift + F6 Move focus to the previous section
Enter Enter Take action or “click” on selected element
Ctrl + + Cmd + + Increase text size
Ctrl + – Cmd + – Decrease text size
Page Up Page Up Scroll up
Page Down Page Down Scroll down
Shift + Page Up Shift + Page Up Scroll to previous day
Shift + Page Down Shift + Page Down Scroll to next day
Ctrl + . Cmd + . Close or re-open right pane
Ctrl + Shift + E Cmd + Shift + E People & user groups
Ctrl + Shift + S Cmd + Shift + S Saved items
F11 F11 Toggle full screen
Ctrl + click Cmd + click Open sidebar item in split view
Ctrl + Enter Cmd + Enter Open a conversation in split view
Screen readers
Alt + 0-9 Alt + 0-9 Play back a number of recent messages
Shift + Up Arrow Shift + Up Arrow Select text to beginning of current line
Shift + Down Arrow Shift + Down Arrow Select text to end of current line
Shift + Enter Shift + Enter Start a new line
Ctrl + Shift + \ Cmd + Shift + \ React to last message
@ @ Mention someone
# # Autocomplete channel
: : Autocomplete emoji
Ctrl + B Cmd + B Bold
Ctrl + I Cmd + I Italic
Ctrl + Shift + X Cmd + Shift + X Strikethrough
Ctrl + Shift + C Cmd + Shift + C Format text as code
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Cmd + Shift + 8 Bullet list
Ctrl + Shift + 7 Cmd + Shift + 7 Numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 9 Cmd + Shift + 9 Format as quote
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C Cmd + Alt + Shift + C Format as code block
Ctrl + Shift + U Cmd + Shift + U Hyperlink
Mark Messages Read and Unread
Esc Esc Mark all messages in current channel as read
Shift + Esc Shift + Esc Mark all messages as read
Alt + Click message Alt + Click message Mark a message as unread
Channels & Direct Messages
Alt + Up Arrow Alt + Up Arrow Previous channel or DM
Alt + Down Arrow Alt + Down Arrow Next channel or DM
Alt + Shift + Up Arrow Alt + Shift + Up Arrow Previous unread channel or DM
Alt + Shift + Down Arrow Alt + Shift + Down Arrow Next unread channel or DM
All Unreads
Right Arrow Right Arrow Expand channel
Left Arrow Left Arrow Collapse channel
Esc Esc Mark channel as read
Shift + Page Up Shift + Page Up Previous channel
Shift + Page Down Shift + Page Down Next channel
Files and Snippets
Ctrl + U Cmd + U Add a file
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Cmd + Shift + Enter Create a snippet
Ctrl + Shift + J Cmd + Shift + J View all downloads
M M Toggle mute
V V Toggle video
+ or A + or A Invite list
E + 1-9 E + 1-9 Emoji reactions
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H Cmd + Alt + Shift + H Toggle huddles start / stop
Ctrl + Shift + Space Cmd + Shift + Space Toggle huddles mute / unmute
Workspace Switching
Ctrl + Tab Cmd + Tab Previous workspace
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Cmd + Shift + Tab Next workspace
Ctrl + 1-9 Cmd + 1-9 A specific workspace
When focused on a message
E E Edit message
Delete Delete Delete (your own message)
R R Add an emoji reaction
T T Reply in thread
P P Pin / unpin
S S Share message
A A Save / remove from saved items
U U Mark unread
M M Remind me about this message
Channel Sections
Alt + Click section Alt + Click section Collapse or expand all


This table provides a comprehensive overview of Slack’s keyboard shortcuts for various actions and functions, helping users navigate and interact with the platform more efficiently.

A table image is available at the end of this article.


Getting Started: Slack Keyboard Shortcuts Basics


“Getting Started: Slack Keyboard Shortcuts Basics” is your gateway to becoming a Slack shortcut aficionado. In this section, we’ll introduce essential keyboard shortcuts to boost your Slack productivity. You’ll learn fundamental shortcuts for navigating conversations, managing channels, and editing messages, enhancing your efficiency whether you’re new to Slack or refreshing your skills. This knowledge forms the core foundation for excelling in your digital workspace.


Effortless Messaging: Keyboard Shortcuts for Slack Chats

“Effortless Messaging: Keyboard Shortcuts for Slack Chats” takes your communication in Slack to the next level. In this section of our guide, we’ll dive into the shortcuts designed to make messaging a breeze. You’ll learn how to format your text, mention colleagues, react to messages, and even edit your messages seamlessly, all with the power of keyboard shortcuts. Whether you’re engaged in one-on-one chats or group discussions, these shortcuts will transform the way you communicate on Slack, allowing you to express yourself quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to time-consuming clicks and hello to a more streamlined and productive messaging experience.


Text Styling Made Easy

In this section, we’ll show you how to add flair to your Slack messages with keyboard shortcuts for text styling. Whether you want to make your text bold, italicize it, create bullet or numbered lists, or even apply a strikethrough, we’ve got you covered. These shortcuts will not only make your messages visually appealing but also help you convey information more effectively. No need to fumble with formatting options – just use the right keyboard commands and watch your messages come to life.


Enhancing Conversations with Mentions and Reactions

Effective communication in Slack often involves acknowledging your colleagues or expressing your sentiments through mentions and reactions. Here, we’ll introduce you to keyboard shortcuts that let you quickly mention team members, and channels, or even add emojis to your messages. Furthermore, we’ll delve into the world of emoji reactions, allowing you to engage in conversations with a single keystroke. These shortcuts will help you maintain a lively and responsive chat environment, enhancing your team’s collaboration.


Efficient Editing and Message Management

Editing and managing messages can be a breeze with the right keyboard shortcuts. In this section, we’ll cover shortcuts for editing your messages, whether it’s correcting a typo or making substantial changes. You’ll also learn how to pin or unpin messages, share them, and mark them as unread or for follow-up – all without leaving your keyboard. With these efficient shortcuts at your fingertips, you can maintain organized conversations and ensure that important messages are always accessible.


Streamlining Channel Management with Keyboard Shortcuts

In this section, we’ll guide you through the art of effortlessly managing your channels on Slack using keyboard shortcuts. Channels are the lifeblood of communication and collaboration in Slack, and knowing how to navigate and organize them efficiently can greatly impact your workflow. Learn how to swiftly switch between channels, mark them as read, and even expand or collapse them to maintain focus. These shortcuts will ensure that you stay organized, prioritize your conversations, and never miss a beat in the bustling world of Slack channels. Say goodbye to scrolling and hello to a more organized and streamlined channel management experience.


Efficiency in File Handling: Slack’s Keyboard Shortcuts

In this section, we’ll unveil the time-saving magic of keyboard shortcuts when it comes to handling files and snippets in Slack. Managing documents, images, and other files has never been easier. Discover how to quickly add files to your conversations, create snippets for easy reference, and efficiently view all your downloads. Whether you’re sharing important project documents or referencing code snippets, these shortcuts will help you become a master at managing files within Slack. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating menus, and start handling your digital assets with ease.


Seamless File Sharing and Attachment

In this section, we’ll explore keyboard shortcuts for seamless file sharing and handling in Slack. Whether attaching vital documents or swiftly sharing images and files, these shortcuts are your go-to tools. You’ll learn how to navigate your file uploads, making it easier than ever to access and share essential resources. Furthermore, we’ll explore methods to quickly preview, download, or comment on shared files without the need for multiple clicks. Get ready to simplify your file-sharing experience in Slack with these efficient shortcuts.


Optimizing Snippet Creation and Management

Efficiently creating and managing code snippets or text snippets is essential for effective collaboration in Slack. In this section, we’ll introduce you to keyboard shortcuts that make snippet creation a breeze. Whether sharing code with your development team or providing detailed instructions in a text snippet, these shortcuts streamline the process and ensure efficient organization and accessibility of important information. Say goodbye to digging through endless files and hello to a more organized and optimized approach to snippet management.

  • Ctrl + U / Cmd + U: Add a file
  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter / Cmd + Shift + Enter: Create a snippet
  • Ctrl + Shift + J / Cmd + Shift + J: View all downloads


These shortcuts will empower you to handle files and snippets with ease, enhancing your productivity and collaboration in Slack. Whether you’re a developer sharing code or a team member sharing critical documents, these keyboard shortcuts will make the process smoother and more efficient.


Navigating Channels and Conversations Like a Pro

In this section, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complex web of channels and conversations in Slack with the finesse of a pro. Efficient navigation is key to managing your workflow effectively, and these keyboard shortcuts will be your trusted companions. Learn how to effortlessly move through messages, jump between sections, and focus on the conversations that matter most. Whether managing a busy channel or catching up on messages, these shortcuts keep you on track. Say farewell to endless scrolling, embracing an organized, productive, and professional approach to Slack conversation and channel management.




In our exploration of Slack’s keyboard shortcuts, we’ll cover every aspect of this powerful communication tool. We’ll start with the basics, covering fundamental shortcuts like jumping to conversations, managing direct messages, and handling channels with ease. Then, we’ll explore messaging, teaching you text formatting, mentions, and quick message reactions. You’ll discover how to efficiently handle files and snippets, making document sharing a breeze. Furthermore, we’ll explore advanced shortcuts for seamlessly navigating channels and conversations, transforming you into a Slack pro. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of Slack’s keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to work smarter and more efficiently in your virtual workspace.


Here’s a table image provided for Slack’s keyboard shortcuts:



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