Mastering Efficiency: Essential Canva Keyboard Shortcuts for Seamless Design

In the fast-paced world of graphic design, efficiency is the key to success. Navigating through intricate software like Canva can sometimes be a task, but fear not! This guide unveils essential keyboard shortcuts to boost your Canva proficiency, from primary navigation to advanced design management. Let’s delve into Canva keyboard shortcuts, beginning with the foundational skills in Mastering Canva: Essential Keyboard Shortcuts.


Mastering Canva: Essential Keyboard Shortcuts


Here’s the table with the Canva keyboard shortcuts:

Windows shortcut
Mac shortcut
Ctrl + Z Undo Cmd + Z
Ctrl + Y Redo Cmd + Y
Ctrl + S Save Cmd + S
Ctrl + A Select all Cmd + A
T Add text T
R Add rectangle R
L Add line L
C Add circle C
Ctrl + K Add link Cmd + K
Ctrl + Enter Add empty page Cmd + Return
Ctrl + Backspace Delete empty page Cmd + Delete
Ctrl + F1 Navigate to toolbar Cmd + F1
Ctrl + F2 Skip to canvas Cmd + F2
Ctrl + E Canva Assistant shortcut Cmd + E
Element shortcuts
Delete Delete selected elements Delete
Ctrl + G Group elements Cmd + G
Ctrl + Shift + G Ungroup elements Cmd + Shift + G
Alt + Shift + L Lock position only Option + Shift + L
Ctrl + ] Arrange elements forward Cmd + ]
Ctrl + [ Arrange elements backward Cmd + [
Alt + Ctrl + ] Arrange elements to front Option + Cmd + ]
Alt + Ctrl + [ Arrange elements to back Option + Cmd + [
Alt + Shift + T Tidy up elements Option + Shift + T
Tab Select next/previous elements Tab
Video shortcuts
Space Play/pause video Space
M Mute/unmute video M
Alt + Ctrl + L Loop video Option + Cmd + L
Zooming shortcuts
Ctrl + + Zoom in Cmd + +
Ctrl + – Zoom out Cmd + –
Ctrl + 0 Zoom to actual size Cmd + 0
Alt + Ctrl + 0 Zoom to fit Option + Cmd + 0
Shift + Ctrl + 0 Zoom to fill Shift + Cmd + 0
Edit text shortcuts
Shift + Ctrl + F Open font menu Shift + Cmd + F
Ctrl + F Find and replace Cmd + F
Ctrl + B Bold text Cmd + B
Ctrl + I Italicize text Cmd + I
Ctrl + U Underline Cmd + U
Shift + Ctrl + K Uppercase Shift + Cmd + K
Shift + Ctrl + L Left align Shift + Cmd + L
Shift + Ctrl + C Center align Shift + Cmd + C
Shift + Ctrl + R Right align Shift + Cmd + R
Shift + Cmd + J Justify text Shift + Cmd + J
Shift + Ctrl + , Decrease font size by one Shift + Cmd + ,
Shift + Ctrl + . Increase font size by one Shift + Cmd + .
Alt + Ctrl + Down Decrease line spacing Option + Cmd + Down
Alt + Ctrl + Up Increase line spacing Option + Cmd + Up
Alt + Ctrl + , Decrease letter spacing Option + Cmd + ,
Alt + Ctrl + . Increase letter spacing Option + Cmd + .
Ctrl + Shift + H Anchor text to top Cmd + Shift + H
Ctrl + Shift + M Anchor text to middle Cmd + Shift + M
Ctrl + Shift + B Anchor text to bottom Cmd + Shift + B
Ctrl + Shift + 7 Numbered list Cmd + Shift + 7
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Bulleted list Cmd + Shift + 8
Alt + Ctrl + C Copy text style Option + Cmd + C
Alt + Ctrl + V Paste text style Option + Cmd + V
View shortcuts
Shift + R Toggle rulers and guides Shift + R
Ctrl + / Toggle sidebar Cmd + /
Alt + Ctrl + 1 Scrolling view Option + Cmd + 1
Alt + Ctrl + 2 Thumbnail view Option + Cmd + 2
Alt + Ctrl + 3 Grid view Option + Cmd + 3
Alt + Ctrl + P Presentation mode Option + Cmd + P
Comment shortcuts
Alt + Ctrl + N Add comment Option + Cmd + N
N Next comment N
Shift + N Previous comment Shift + N
Ctrl + 5 Focus on comment in selection Cmd + 5
Desktop app shortcuts
Alt + F4 Quit the whole Canva app Cmd + Q
Ctrl + R Reload the whole app Cmd + R
Ctrl + W Close the current tab Cmd + W
Ctrl + F Enter full-screen mode Cmd + F
Ctrl + Page down Select next tab Option + Cmd + Right
Ctrl + Page up Select previous tab Option + Cmd + Left
Ctrl + Shift + T Re-open last closed tab Cmd + Shift + T
Ctrl + T Create new design Cmd + T
Ctrl + 1…8 Switch tabs to focus on a design tab from 1-8 Cmd + 1…8
Ctrl + 9 Switch to the last tab Cmd + 9
Cmd + Shift + H Open the Home page Ctrl + Shift + H
Ctrl + , Open the Settings page Cmd + ,
Ctrl + Shift + + Zoom in app interface Cmd + Shift + +
Ctrl + Shift + – Zoom out app interface Cmd + Shift + –
Shift + Ctrl + 0 Reset app interface scaling to default Shift + Cmd + 0
Alt + F4 Close window Shift + Cmd + W
Common shortcuts
Ctrl + C Copy Cmd + C
Ctrl + V Paste Cmd + V
Ctrl + Alt + C Copy style Cmd + Option + C
Ctrl + D Duplicate Cmd + D


A table image is available at the end of this article.


Navigating Canva Like a Pro: Basic Keyboard Shortcuts


“Mastering Canva’s basic keyboard shortcuts empowers you to navigate the platform like a pro. These shortcuts streamline your creative workflow, allowing you to execute tasks effortlessly and efficiently. Undo errors with Ctrl + Z or add text swiftly using ‘T’, saving time and reducing mouse usage. These fundamental shortcuts are your path to Canva expertise, enhancing your design skills with each keystroke.


Streamlining Your Workflow: Essential Shortcuts for Design Elements

“Elevate your design process with our curated set of essential shortcuts for design elements. Streamlining your workflow has never been easier as these shortcuts empower you to swiftly maneuver through Canva’s interface. From grouping (Ctrl + G) and ungrouping (Ctrl + Shift + G) elements to arranging them seamlessly (Ctrl + ], Ctrl + [), these keyboard shortcuts redefine efficiency. Whether you’re aligning text (Shift + Ctrl + L) or adjusting spacing (Alt + Ctrl + Down), each keystroke propels your creativity forward. Dive into this collection of shortcuts to discover a new level of design fluency and make your creative journey even more rewarding.”


Grouping and Arrangement Shortcuts

Mastering the art of grouping and arranging design elements is crucial for a seamless design process. Canva provides several shortcuts to help you streamline this aspect of your workflow. Use Ctrl + G to group selected elements together and Ctrl + Shift + G to ungroup them when needed. To control the order of elements, utilize Ctrl + ] to arrange elements forward and Ctrl + [ to arrange elements backward.


Alignment and Precision Shortcuts

Achieving precise alignment and spacing is key to a visually appealing design. Canva offers a set of shortcuts that can help you fine-tune your designs with precision. For instance, Shift + Ctrl + L, Shift + Ctrl + C, and Shift + Ctrl + R are shortcuts for left, center, and right alignment, respectively. Adjusting line spacing and letter spacing is equally effortless with Alt + Ctrl + Down/Up and Alt + Ctrl + ,/.


Efficient Text Styling and Formatting

Text plays a significant role in design, and Canva simplifies text styling and formatting through keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl + B, Ctrl + I, and Ctrl + U quickly allow you to apply bold, italic, and underlined text styles. Shift + Ctrl + K is handy for transforming text to uppercase. You can also adjust font size easily with Shift + Ctrl + ,/.


These shortcuts are designed to expedite your design process, making it more efficient and allowing you to create visually stunning designs with ease.


Text Editing Made Easy: Keyboard Shortcuts for Text and Typography

“Text Editing Made Easy: Keyboard Shortcuts for Text and Typography” simplifies your Canva experience by providing a handy set of keyboard shortcuts tailored to text and typography tasks. Whether you’re adjusting fonts, formatting paragraphs, or fine-tuning spacing, these shortcuts are your key to effortless text editing. From applying bold and italics with a keystroke to precise alignment and size adjustments, this guide empowers you to wield the full potential of Canva’s text tools. Elevate your typography game and streamline your design process with these time-saving shortcuts at your fingertips.


Efficient Object Manipulation: Mastering Canva’s Object Keyboard Shortcuts

“Efficient Object Manipulation: Mastering Canva’s Object Keyboard Shortcuts” is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Canva’s design capabilities. This guide provides powerful keyboard shortcuts for seamless object manipulation in your designs. Whether arranging, grouping, or fine-tuning properties, these shortcuts streamline your workflow, saving time. From Ctrl + G for grouping to Ctrl + ] and Ctrl + [ for arranging, they empower you to master Canva and create polished designs effortlessly.


Grouping and Arrangement Shortcuts

Efficiently managing and arranging objects within your Canva designs is essential for creating visually pleasing layouts. Canva offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts that make these tasks a breeze. Utilize Ctrl + G to group selected objects, keeping your design organized and easy to work with. Arrange objects in the desired order with Ctrl + ] to move them forward and Ctrl + [ to send them backward.


Properties and Transformations

Achieve precision and control over your design elements with Canva’s object property and transformation shortcuts. These commands allow you to quickly fine-tune the appearance of objects. For instance, Ctrl + T lets you resize objects with ease, Ctrl + R enables rotation, and Ctrl + Shift + M provides the ability to mirror objects. With these shortcuts, you can perfect the details of your design effortlessly.


Effortlessly manage your design elements and achieve the desired layout with these essential keyboard shortcuts. They are designed to boost your efficiency and creativity when working in Canva.


Navigating Layers with Ease: Productive Keyboard Shortcuts for Layer Management

“Navigating Layers with Ease: Productive Keyboard Shortcuts for Layer Management” is your guide to streamlining the intricate process of managing layers within Canva’s design interface. This resource empowers you to effortlessly organize, arrange, and manipulate layers, saving valuable time in your creative workflow. Reorder layers with shortcuts like Ctrl + ] to bring them forward or Ctrl + [ to send them backward, and swiftly lock and unlock with Ctrl + 2. These shortcuts optimize your layer management, ensuring well-structured, appealing designs.




In the dynamic realm of design, time saved is creativity earned. Imagine effortlessly navigating Canva projects, aligning elements, and managing layers with ease through well-placed keystrokes. This guide has taken you from fundamental navigation shortcuts to optimizing your design process. You’ve learned to master typography, finesse designs, and efficiently manage objects. These skills will undoubtedly enhance your design endeavors, allowing you to focus on creating stunning, impactful creations.


Here’s the table image for Canva’s keyboard shortcuts:

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