Boost Your Workflow: A Deep Dive into Miro’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you ready to take your Miro experience to the next level? Miro is a versatile and powerful online collaborative whiteboard platform used by teams worldwide. Whether you’re new or experienced, mastering keyboard shortcuts enhances productivity. This guide covers various skill levels, from basics to advanced shortcuts, customizing for your workflow, troubleshooting, and expert tips.


Here’s a table of Miro’s keyboard shortcuts:

Windows Shortcut
Mac Shortcut
V / H
V / H
Select tool / hand mode
Sticky notes
Connection line
Ctrl + Z
Cmd + Z
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Cmd + Shift + Z
Ctrl + K
Cmd + K
Link to
Ctrl + V
Cmd + V
Ctrl + C
Cmd + C
Ctrl + X
Cmd + X
Ctrl + D
Cmd + D
Ctrl + G
Cmd + G
Ctrl + Shift + G
Cmd + Shift + G
Ctrl + Shift + L
Cmd + Shift + L
Ctrl + Shift + P
Cmd + Shift + P
Protected lock/Unprotected lock
Fn + ↑ or PgUp
Send to front
Fn + ↓ or PgDn
Send to back
Ctrl + +
Cmd + +
Zoom in
Ctrl + -
Cmd + -
Zoom out
Ctrl + 0
Cmd + 0
Zoom to 100%
Alt + 1
Option + 1
Zoom to fit
Toggle grid
Ctrl + F
Cmd + F
Ctrl + B
Cmd + B
Ctrl + I
Cmd + I
Ctrl + U
Cmd + U


A table image of these shortcuts is available at the end of this article.


Essential Miro Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginners


“Essential Miro Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginners” is a vital starting point for new users looking to enhance their Miro experience. These fundamental keyboard shortcuts are designed to simplify navigation and basic actions within the Miro platform. By mastering these shortcuts, beginners can quickly switch between tools, create text, add sticky notes, draw shapes, and perform other essential tasks with ease. This knowledge lays a solid foundation for more advanced Miro usage, ultimately boosting productivity and efficiency while collaborating and brainstorming on this versatile online whiteboard.


Intermediate Miro Keyboard Shortcuts for Improved Efficiency

“Intermediate Miro Shortcuts” elevate your skills with workflow-enhancing keyboard shortcuts. They empower efficient content manipulation, including precise shape creation, card management, and fluid canvas navigation, fostering control and precision in your projects.


Streamlining Shape Creation

Streamlining the creation of shapes is essential for a productive Miro experience. Intermediate users can significantly improve efficiency by mastering keyboard shortcuts for shape manipulation. Some key shortcuts to remember include:

  • R: Quickly draw rectangles.
  • O: Create perfect ovals.
  • L: Effortlessly draw connection lines.


These shortcuts allow you to swiftly craft shapes with precision, saving you valuable time and enabling smoother diagramming and visual organization on your Miro canvas. To make the most of these shortcuts, you can also customize them to match your preferred shapes and sizes using Miro’s customization options.


Efficient Card Management

Intermediate Miro users often find themselves handling multiple cards within boards or frames. To enhance efficiency, consider mastering keyboard shortcuts that facilitate card management:

  • D: Quickly create duplicate cards.
  • Ctrl + G (Cmd + G on Mac): Group selected cards together.
  • Ctrl + Shift + G (Cmd + Shift + G on Mac): Ungroup grouped cards.


These shortcuts empower you to efficiently organize and manipulate your content, whether you’re brainstorming, collaborating on a project, or structuring your thoughts. With these tools at your disposal, card management becomes a breeze.


Navigating the Canvas Like a Pro

Effortless navigation across the Miro canvas is crucial for productive work. Intermediate users can significantly improve their workflow by mastering navigation shortcuts, including:

  • Ctrl + + (Cmd + + on Mac): Zoom in for finer details.
  • Ctrl + – (Cmd + – on Mac): Zoom out to see the bigger picture.
  • Ctrl + 0 (Cmd + 0 on Mac): Quickly return to 100% zoom.
  • Alt + 1 (Option + 1 on Mac): Fit the entire canvas to your screen.


These shortcuts ensure that you can smoothly move around your Miro board or frame, focusing on specific details or getting a bird’s-eye view of your entire project, depending on your needs.


Advanced Miro Keyboard Shortcuts to Supercharge Your Productivity

“Advanced Miro Keyboard Shortcuts to Supercharge Your Productivity” introduces seasoned Miro users to a set of powerful keyboard shortcuts that can take their efficiency and productivity to new heights. These shortcuts provide advanced control over the platform, enabling you to perform intricate tasks with ease and precision. From creating custom links and managing layers to optimizing content alignment and collaboration, these shortcuts are designed to make your Miro experience seamless and highly efficient. By mastering these advanced techniques, you’ll have the tools at your fingertips to navigate complex boards, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate effectively, making Miro an even more indispensable part of your workflow.


Customizing Miro Keyboard Shortcuts to Suit Your Workflow

“Customizing Miro Keyboard Shortcuts to Suit Your Workflow” empowers users to tailor their Miro experience to their unique needs and preferences. This intermediate-level skill involves personalizing keyboard shortcuts to match your specific workflow, making your interaction with Miro even more efficient. By assigning shortcuts to frequently used actions or modifying existing ones, you can streamline your work, reduce repetitive tasks, and boost your overall productivity. This level of customization allows you to take full control of Miro, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your work style and accelerates your collaborative efforts.


Assigning Personal Shortcuts

One of the key advantages of Miro is its flexibility in adapting to your specific workflow, and customizing keyboard shortcuts plays a pivotal role in this personalization process. To assign personal shortcuts, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Miro settings: Access the settings menu by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Select “Shortcuts”: In the settings menu, choose “Shortcuts” to access the customization options.
  • Assign shortcuts: Here, you can assign shortcuts to various Miro actions or modify existing ones.
  • Save your preferences: Ensure to save your changes, and your customized keyboard shortcuts will be ready for use.


With this level of customization, you can align Miro with your specific work habits, ensuring that frequently used actions are just a keystroke away. Below is a table showing a few examples of actions you can customize:

Default Shortcut
Custom Shortcut
Create Text
Your Preferred Key
Group Selected Items
Ctrl + G
Your Preferred Key
Zoom In
Ctrl + +
Your Preferred Key


Optimizing Shortcuts for Collaborative Work

Customizing keyboard shortcuts isn’t limited to individual preferences; it can also be a game-changer for collaborative work. By optimizing shortcuts for collaboration, teams can ensure everyone is on the same page, working efficiently, and reducing the learning curve for new team members. Here are some collaborative customization strategies:

  • Standardize shortcuts: Consider standardizing shortcuts for specific actions within your team to create a consistent experience.
  • Document shortcuts: Create a document or guide that outlines the customized shortcuts your team uses, making it easy for everyone to learn and follow.
  • Collect feedback: Regularly gather feedback from team members to refine and adapt the customized shortcuts to better suit your collective workflow.


Customizing shortcuts for collaborative work enhances teamwork, streamlines processes, and ultimately accelerates project delivery. Below is a table illustrating how a team might customize shortcuts to ensure uniformity:

Default Shortcut
Team’s Custom Shortcut
Add Comment
Ctrl + Alt + C
Create Connector Line
Ctrl + Alt + L
Toggle Grid
Ctrl + Alt + G


Troubleshooting and Tips: Mastering Miro’s Keyboard Shortcuts

“Troubleshooting and Tips: Mastering Miro’s Keyboard Shortcuts” is your guide to overcoming common challenges and unlocking advanced techniques while using keyboard shortcuts in Miro. This section delves into practical solutions for issues you might encounter and provides expert tips to maximize your efficiency. Whether you’re facing problems with shortcut customization, navigating large canvases, or collaborating with team members, these troubleshooting tips will help you navigate Miro’s shortcuts with confidence and finesse. From uncovering hidden shortcuts to optimizing your workflow, this resource is your go-to reference for mastering Miro’s keyboard shortcuts like a pro.




In this deep dive into Miro’s keyboard shortcuts, we’ve covered a range of topics to help you become a proficient user of this collaborative tool. We began with “Essential Miro Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginners,” providing a solid foundation for new users. As you become more comfortable with Miro, “Intermediate Miro Keyboard Shortcuts” boost productivity. For power users, “Advanced Shortcuts” unlock Miro’s full potential. Customizing shortcuts tailors the experience, and “Troubleshooting and Tips” offers solutions and expert advice. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, these insights will help you work more effectively in Miro.


Here is the table image provided for Miro’s keyboard shortcuts:


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