Boost Your Notion Mastery: The Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

In productivity and note-taking applications, Notion stands tall as a versatile powerhouse. Its ability to seamlessly blend task management, data organization, and collaborative workspaces makes it a favorite among individuals and teams alike. Yet, to truly harness Notion’s potential, one must delve into the world of keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are the keys to unlocking efficiency, helping you navigate, edit, and manage your Notion workspace with finesse. In this guide, we’ll explore essential keyboard shortcuts for navigation, text editing mastery, efficient task management, and database wizardry, and offer troubleshooting tips to ensure a smooth shortcut-powered experience.


Notion’s Shortcut Symphony: Boosting Productivity with Keyboard Magic

Here’s a table of Notion’s keyboard shortcuts:

Windows Shortcut
Mac Shortcut
Ctrl + N
Cmd + N
Create a new page
Ctrl + Shift + P
Cmd + Shift + P
Move to
Ctrl + Shift + N
Cmd + Shift + N
Open a new window
Ctrl + P
Cmd + P
Quick find
Ctrl + [
Cmd + [
Go back
Ctrl + ]
Cmd + ]
Go forward
Ctrl + Shift + U
Cmd + Shift + U
Go up to the parent page
Ctrl + Shift + L
Cmd + Shift + L
Toggle dark mode
Ctrl + \
Cmd + \
Toggle the sidebar
Insert text
Ctrl + Shift + M
Cmd + Shift + M
Create a comment
Create a divider
Ctrl + B
Cmd + B
Ctrl + U
Cmd + U
Ctrl + I
Cmd + I
Ctrl + Shift + S
Cmd + Shift + S
Ctrl + K
Cmd + K
Ctrl + E
Cmd + E
Create code
Ctrl + Shift + 0
Cmd + Option + 0
Create text
Ctrl + Shift + 1
Cmd + Option + 1
Heading 1
Ctrl + Shift + 2
Cmd + Option + 2
Heading 2
Ctrl + Shift + 3
Cmd + Option + 3
Heading 3
Ctrl + Shift + 4
Cmd + Option + 4
To-do list
Ctrl + Shift + 5
Cmd + Option + 5
Bulleted list
Ctrl + Shift + 6
Cmd + Option + 6
Numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 7
Cmd + Option + 7
Toggle list
Ctrl + Shift + 8
Cmd + Option + 8
Code block
Ctrl + Shift + 9
Cmd + Option + 9
Page block
Hold down these keys to duplicate
Select the block you are editing
Indent This will insert the block into the previous block
Shift + Tab
Shift + Tab
Ctrl + Enter
Cmd + Enter
Activate buttons/pages and checks/un-check checkboxes, toggle to-dos, or enter full screen on embeds/images
Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right
Cmd + Shift + Left/Right
Expand the selection up or down
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Cmd + Shift + Enter
Open a page in a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + R
Cmd + Shift + R
Rename the current selection
Enter fullscreen (while on an image)
Change the selection
Shift + Up/Down
Shift + Up/Down
Expand the selection up or down by one block
Ctrl + A
Cmd + A
Select all blocks in the page
Ctrl + Shift + (click)
Cmd + Shift + (click)
Toggle selection of a block
Shift + (click)
Shift + (click)
Select another block and all blocks in-between
Clear the selected blocks
Delete / Backspace
Delete / Backspace
Delete the selected blocks
Ctrl + D
Cmd + D
Edit the block you have selected If the block has no text, something else might happen
Ctrl + L
Cmd + L
Copy the link to the Notion page you are on (desktop apps only)
Ctrl + /
Cmd + /
Select a few blocks, then edit blocks all at once
Ctrl + /
Cmd + /
Select multiple cards in a board view, then move or edit them all at once
Ctrl + Shift
Cmd + Shift
Hold, then use the arrow keys to change the position of a block
Ctrl + Alt + T
Cmd + Alt + T
Expand/close all toggles



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Essential Notion Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation


Navigation is the backbone of any productive workflow in Notion, and mastering the essential keyboard shortcuts for it can significantly boost your efficiency. These shortcuts, such as Ctrl + N (Cmd + N) for creating a new page or Ctrl + [ (Cmd + [) for going back, provide quick and intuitive ways to move through your Notion workspace. Whether you’re a seasoned Notion user or just getting started, understanding and using these essential navigation shortcuts will help you effortlessly traverse your pages, databases, and content, making your Notion experience smoother and more productive.


Mastering Text Editing with Notion’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Text editing is at the core of content creation in Notion, and mastering the keyboard shortcuts dedicated to this task can revolutionize your workflow. These shortcuts, including Ctrl + B (Cmd + B) for bold text, Ctrl + U (Cmd + U) for underlining, and Ctrl + K (Cmd + K) for creating hyperlinks, empower you to format and style your content swiftly. Whether you’re composing notes, crafting documents, or collaborating on projects, these text editing shortcuts ensure that your text appears just the way you want it, saving you time and helping you maintain focus on your ideas and communication in Notion.


Formatting Made Easy

In Notion, formatting your text has never been more convenient thanks to keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts enable you to apply various formatting options quickly and efficiently, enhancing the presentation of your content. Whether you want to emphasize a word or phrase, create lists, or add code blocks, these shortcuts have you covered. Here are some essential text formatting keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + B (Cmd + B): Apply bold formatting to selected text.
  • Ctrl + I (Cmd + I): Italicize selected text.
  • Ctrl + U (Cmd + U): Underline selected text.
  • Ctrl + Shift + S (Cmd + Shift + S): Add strike-through formatting.
  • Ctrl + K (Cmd + K): Insert hyperlinks.
  • Ctrl + E (Cmd + E): Create code blocks.
  • Ctrl + Shift + 0 (Cmd + Option + 0): Change text formatting.


These shortcuts allow you to format text swiftly, making your documents and notes look polished and professional.


Efficient Linking and Styling

Notion’s keyboard shortcuts offer seamless ways to create hyperlinks and style content. Whether you’re referencing external websites, linking to other pages within Notion, or giving your text a unique look, these shortcuts streamline the process. Here are some key text editing shortcuts for linking and styling:

  • Ctrl + K (Cmd + K): Insert hyperlinks effortlessly.
  • Ctrl + Shift + 1 (Cmd + Option + 1): Apply Heading 1 style.
  • Ctrl + Shift + 2 (Cmd + Option + 2): Apply Heading 2 style.
  • Ctrl + Shift + 3 (Cmd + Option + 3): Apply Heading 3 style.
  • Ctrl + Shift + 7 (Cmd + Option + 7): Toggle list formatting.
  • Ctrl + Shift + 8 (Cmd + Option + 8): Create a code block.


These shortcuts empower you to enrich your content with links and formatting, helping you communicate your ideas effectively.


Streamlining Content Creation

Notion’s text editing shortcuts are your allies when it comes to efficiently creating and organizing content. Whether you’re drafting notes, documents, or project plans, these shortcuts enable you to focus on your ideas without getting bogged down by manual formatting. Here’s a table summarizing some essential text editing shortcuts:


Ctrl + Enter
Activate buttons, checkboxes, or enter fullscreen on images.
Ctrl + Shift + R
Rename the current selection.
Enter fullscreen mode while on an image.
Ctrl + A (Cmd + A)
Select all blocks on the page.
Ctrl + D (Cmd + D)
Duplicate selected content.
Ctrl + / (Cmd + /)
Edit multiple blocks at once.


These shortcuts streamline the content creation process, allowing you to work more efficiently and focus on the substance of your work rather than its presentation.


Task Management Made Easy: Keyboard Shortcuts for To-Do Lists

Task management is a pivotal aspect of Notion’s functionality, and mastering the keyboard shortcuts designed for to-do lists can make this process remarkably smooth. These shortcuts provide quick and intuitive ways to organize your tasks, ensuring that you stay on top of your priorities. From creating new tasks to marking them as complete, these keyboard shortcuts simplify the management of your to-do lists, helping you maintain productivity and organization within Notion. Whether you’re managing personal tasks, collaborative projects, or detailed schedules, these shortcuts are the key to efficient task management in Notion.


Effortless Data Organization: Notion’s Database Shortcuts

Efficient data organization is at the heart of Notion’s appeal, and mastering the keyboard shortcuts tailored for managing databases is essential for streamlining your workflow. Notion’s databases are versatile tools for storing, sorting, and retrieving information, and these shortcuts empower you to interact with your data seamlessly. From adding new entries to filtering and sorting your database content, these keyboard shortcuts are your toolkit for effortless data organization. Whether you’re building a project tracker, a knowledge base, or a CRM system, these shortcuts enable you to maintain order and accessibility within your databases, making Notion a powerful tool for managing structured information.


Adding and Editing Entries

Effortless data organization in Notion begins with efficiently adding and editing entries within your databases. Keyboard shortcuts designed for this purpose simplify the process, enabling you to maintain a structured database without breaking your workflow. Here are some key shortcuts for adding and editing database entries:


  • Enter: Create a new entry in the database.
  • Ctrl + Shift + M (Cmd + Shift + M): Add comments for detailed context.
  • Ctrl + D (Cmd + D): Duplicate entries to save time and effort.
  • Ctrl + Shift + R (Cmd + Shift + R): Rename entries to maintain clarity.
  • Ctrl + Enter (Cmd + Enter): Activate checkboxes or buttons within entries.


These shortcuts empower you to quickly populate your databases with relevant information, whether you’re managing project tasks, tracking inventory, or organizing research data.


Efficient Filtering and Sorting

Efficiently organizing and accessing your data often depends on your ability to filter and sort it effectively. Notion’s database shortcuts provide intuitive ways to perform these operations, ensuring that you can quickly locate the information you need. Here’s a table summarizing some essential database management shortcuts:


Ctrl + / (Cmd + /)
Select multiple entries for bulk actions.
Ctrl + Shift (Cmd + Shift)
Reorder entries by dragging and dropping.
Ctrl + Alt + T (Cmd + Alt)
Toggle expand/close all toggles within entries.
Alt + Up/Down
Move entries up or down for priority adjustment.
Tab/Shift + Tab
Navigate between different fields in an entry.


These shortcuts empower you to swiftly filter and sort your database content, making it easy to find specific information and maintain data organization. Whether you’re managing a project, tracking contacts, or curating a library of resources, these shortcuts are invaluable for efficient data management in Notion.


Troubleshooting and Tips: Handling Common Shortcut Issues

Troubleshooting and Tips: Handling Common Shortcut Issues can be a valuable resource for individuals looking to streamline their digital workflow. When it comes to using keyboard shortcuts, it’s not uncommon to encounter various hiccups and challenges. These can range from shortcuts not working as expected to conflicts between different software applications. To address these issues effectively, users should first ensure that their keyboard layout and language settings are correctly configured. Additionally, conflicts between software shortcuts can often be resolved by customizing or reassigning shortcut keys within the respective programs. Regularly updating operating systems and software can also help prevent compatibility problems. Moreover, taking the time to practice and familiarize oneself with shortcut combinations can significantly enhance productivity. This guide aims to provide practical insights and solutions for these common shortcut-related challenges, making daily digital tasks more efficient and frustration-free.




In this comprehensive guide, we’ve taken a deep dive into the world of Notion’s keyboard shortcuts. We started by uncovering the Essential Notion Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation, ensuring you can seamlessly navigate your workspace. Moving on, we explored techniques for Mastering Text Editing with Notion’s Keyboard Shortcuts, empowering you to manipulate text effortlessly. Then, we simplified task management with Keyboard Shortcuts for To-Do Lists, helping you stay organized and on top of your tasks. Our journey continued with a look at Effortless Data Organization: Notion’s Database Shortcuts, streamlining your database management. Finally, we addressed common issues and offered valuable Troubleshooting and Tips for Handling Common Shortcut Issues, ensuring a hiccup-free experience while you boost your Notion mastery with these indispensable keyboard shortcuts. Whether you’re a Notion novice or a seasoned pro, these shortcuts will undoubtedly supercharge your workflow.


Here is the table image provided for Notion’s keyboard shortcuts:


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